Member Benefits and Commitments

Membership Benefits and Commitments include:


  • Opportunity to determine and take part in joint projects that would be beyond the scope of individual schools to arrange;
  • Access to member schools who have strengths and staff expertise, e.g. through co-ordinated study visits and joint training;
  • Mutual support between membership schools on common issues;
  • Participate in focus groups for discussion about common issues;
  • Regular updates regarding Ofsted and national issues;
  • Shared and combined expertise, knowledge, skills, energy, enthusiasm and experience;
  • Opportunities for pupils, governors and members of the wider school community to work and learn together;
  • A strong network and voice for shared issues and concerns;
  • Joint response to future challenges, developments and opportunities including recruitment and retention of staff;
  • Access to training programmes for Teaching Assistants, Newley Qualified Teachers , Teachers in their Early Careers, Middle Leaders, Deputy Headteachers and Headteachers;
  • Access to up to eight hours of bespoke school effectiveness support from the Sevenoaks Partnership Consultant;
  • One conference per academic year with input from leading experts;
  • Participate in the Partnership Procurement Project; aiming to save money for all our schools;
  • Access to free or non-profit making reduced rate charge CPD tailored to meet needs in Sevenoaks Partnership schools;
  • Membership of a Learning Hub Group;

The opportunity to attract the interest of others in educational matters.


Member schools will:


  • Pay £6.50 per pupil to access the benefits of the Sevenoaks Partnership for the Academic Year 2018-2019 and pay this sum to Ide Hill CE Primary School.
  • Support the vision and aims of the Partnership
  • Work together to achieve Outstanding practice within Partnership schools
  • Ensure the Headteacher and relevant staff attend Partnership meetings for the purposes of planning, quality assurance and collaboration;
  • Ensure staff are supported to attend network and project meetings
  • Share good practice and expertise, e.g. through Learning Hub meetings;
  • Share relevant data, e.g. Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR) and Analysing School Progress (ASP) for the purposes of targeting support to maximise strengths and support areas of development
  • Agree to the Partnership Board requesting the data on individual schools and Learning Hubs held by Kent Management Information to be released to the Board and the wider Partnership to evaluate outcomes and inform future priorities
  • In the spirit of collaborative working, schools will not offer additional recruitment incentives to secure new staff to their schools from other partnership schools.
  • Support peer evaluation though a range of opportunities including peer- to-peer reviews
  • In the spirit of trust and collaboration, Partnership headteachers will communicate with other headteachers in the event of an in-year pupil admission request from another Partnership school.
  • In the spirit of trust and collaboration, Partnership schools will follow the agreed Manage Move protocol flow chart.

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