Learning Hub E

Learning Hub E

Our Learning Hub comprises the following schools: St. Katharine's Knockholt Primary School, Amherst School, Riverhead School, Chevening Primary School and Sundridge and Brasted Primary School


This year, our focus is to:

Ensure consistency of standards in Writing and maths

KS1 Sports Event

Shared parenting workshop regarding attachments issues and high levels of anxiety

Provide support and sharing of good practice between headteachers


We aim to do this through:

Complete two moderation meetings to share good practice, and enable consistency of standards in writing and maths.

Amherst School to host a Year 2 sports event for all Year 2 children at each school (only 30 from Riverhead). Event will be run by Amherst Year 6 children.

Shared parenting workshop possible run by Fegans for all parents from Hub schools.

Termly headteachers’ breakfast meeting to enable support and information sharing.